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Face Lift, Neck Lift and Forehead Lift

First of all I do all of my cosmetic surgery at North Texas Hospital which is on the very southern border of Denton on I-35 East. This a partially physician owned hospital of which I am one of the physician owners. I do not use a nurse anesthetist to put you asleep, I only use board certified anesthesiologists and therefore I virtually have no anesthetic problems. This is something many people aren't aware of and it should be one of the first questions asked to the plastic surgeon. Also, if someone either requests or needs to stay overnight there are mostly Intensive Care trained nurses on hand to take care of your every need.


These three procedures are usually done together but occasionally I will do one or two without the other. All of the incisions for these procedures are well hidden. The particular way I do these there is usually minimal to no bruising and the down time is usually 3-4 days. If I have to do some liposuction in the jowl areas then there will probably be some bruising and if I have to do a "full" neck then the chances of bruising are increased. This does vary quite a bit depending on each individual. Smoking increases the chances of poor wound healing and possibly more scarring. All three are great procedures and the results speak for themselves!


Surgery of the Eyes

My philosophy on eyelid surgery is to have the most qualified person available to do this surgery. This is why I have Dr. Mark Alford, an Oculo-Plastics surgeon do all of my eyelid surgery. He is an ophthalmologist who did two extra years of cosmetic eyelid surgery training. He has an office in Southlake/Grapevine. He does the cosmetic eye surgery at the same time I do my portion. He is an excellent surgeon and I trust him so much that I had him do surgery with me on my 82 year old mother. When my time comes around to have eyelid surgery he will definitely be the one to do mine.

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